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Read on to discover white papers, buying guides, and other helpful information to guide you as you select the right weighing equipment for your application.

Power of IP Rating in Lab Equipment

Power of IP Rating
Why IP rating should be considered when selecting a lab balance

Hazardous Area Weighing Solutions

Hazardous Area Weighing Solutions
Explore Solutions for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

Hazardous Area Weighing Solutions

Confined Space Weighing Solutions
Solutions for glove box, fume hood, forensic bags and build-in components

Quick Ion Technology Product Note

Quick Ion Technology Minimizes Electrostatic Charges
Find out how to easily weigh powdery and electrically charged samples with A&D's built-in antistatic solution.

Selecting a Washdown Scale for Your Application

Washdown Scale Guide
Find out which washdown scale is the right one for your application.

When "EP" Equals Intrinsically Safe

Learn more about A&D's hazardous weighing products
There are many options when it comes to ignition protection in hazardous environments; see how to simplify your installation and processes.

Process Improvement for Reagent Maker Katayama

Katayama Chemical Case Study
A&D Balances and Pipette Kits Create Streamlined Process for Katayama Chemical Industries

Improving Your Moisture Results

Improve Your Moisture Results
Moisture analysis is an effective and efficient way to assure the quality of your products. Get started on the basics with this simple infographical guide.

Checklist for Machine Integration

Easy Checklist for Machine Integration
Learn important aspects to consider when purchasing a weigh module or load cell in an easy-to-reference checklist.  

How to Clean Your Balance in 8 Easy Steps

How to Clean Your Balance in 8 Easy Steps
Keeping a balance cleaned and maintained can dramatically increase the life of your balance as well as the quality of your weighing results. 

Cannabis Weighing

Weighing in the Cannabis Industry
In the last few years, an entirely new "crop" of employees have had to learn about Weighing. Here's a crash course on some key elements.

Smart SHS

Smart Super Hybrid Sensor (Smart SHS)®
Bringing Smarter Technology to Weighing - see how.

Weighing 101

Weighing 101
Learn how to mitigate influences and reduce errors when weighing.

Balance Purchasing Guide

Balance Purchasing Guide
Learn about how to find the right balance to fit your workflow, environment, and other requirements.

Moisture Analyzer Purchasing Guide

Moisture Analyzer Purchasing Guide
See how things like drying profiles, temperature range, and measurement method impact your Moisture Balance purchasing decision.

12 Tips Guide

12 Tips for Performing Stable Measurements
Conquer these common challenges and improve your weighing performance.

Software Downloads

Software Downloads
Check out all the freeware and drivers needed for your application.

Weighing Video Library

Weighing Video Library
Discover the benefits from A&D weighing solutions in these short videos.

Electronically Controlled Load White Paper

ECL and the USP Minimum Weight Standard
Find out how to manage balance accuracy and performance at the touch of a button.

Berry Growers Case Study

Weighing Up the Benefits of the HT-CL Traffic Light Scale
See how the HT-CL Compact Scale with built-in comparator lights created a streamlined process for Braetop Berries and reduced their product giveaway.