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No matter which part of the cannabis process your business is in, fast and accurate product weighing is a major factor to ensuring a high quality product.

Whether it’s checking the bulk weight of plants, minimizing moisture content in dried buds or complying to legal for trade requirements in a retail dispensary, A&D Weighing has a solution to help you maximize profit and efficiency.

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    Feed & Bulk Weighing

    • High resolution to .01lb
    • Clear, bright terminal that can be mounted on a wall or terminal stand
    • IP65, stainless steel weigh pan for easy cleaning

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    Testing & Sample Preparation

    • Reduce your risk with reliable testing equipment
    • A wide selection of analytical and semi-micro balances for your sample preparation
    • Built-in internal calibration and robust weighing technology 

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    Easily Integrate into Your POS Systems

    • Legal for Trade models in a variety of capacities and resolutions for compliance with state requirements
    • Anti-static breeze break and robust weighing sensor allow for stable measurements under any condition
    • RS-232 and optional USB and Bluetooth interfaces make for seamless integration into your POS or inventory tracking systems.

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    Underhook Weighing of Plants

    • Enhanced performance accuracy up to 101kg with internal calibration
    • Optional underhook and built-in density determination mode are a perfect solution for weighing cut leaves
    • Versatility swing arm & detachable display make it ideal for on the bench or floor
    • Robust construction and IP65 rated

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    Quality Assurance of Stored Cannabis Products

    • Quickly ensure your moisture content to avoid mold and other microbial growth
    • Reliable and even heating with Halogen lamps
    • Customizable heat settings for a variety of tests
    • Ability to test variety of samples whether solid, pasty or liquid

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    Weighing 101

    New to Weighing?

    Download our Weighing 101 Infographic on how to avoid the most common weighing errors:

    • Selecting the Right Environment
    • Proper Operation &  Sample Handling
    • Adjustment & Cleaning

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