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Analytical Balances

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Premium Analytical Balance


Premium Analytical Balances

Practical weighing solutions for microgram weighing with integrated applications that make your weighing process efficient and convenient.

  • Capacities from 22g to 520g
  • Readabilities from 0.1mg to 1μg
  • Ordinal Electromagnetic Sensor (OES) provides the best accuracy and precision
  • Built-in, fan-less ionizer to eliminate static interferences
  • Large weighing chamber allows for direct weighing of small samples into larger tare containers

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Advanced Analytical Balances

Advanced Analytical Balances with Class I NTEP models

Taking weighing precision and protection to new heights with integrated applications to make your weighing workflows fast and convenient.

  • Capacities from 122g up to 330g
  • Readability down to 0.1mg
  • 6 NTEP Class I models, d = 0.0001 g, e = 0.001 g
  • Smart SHS® weighing technology increases performance and productivity
  • Innovative solutions to meet demands in validation and compliance
  • Glass breeze break with space saving retractable doors
  • Durable metal construction provides increased protection and stability

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Standard Analytical Balances

Standard Analytical Balances

Accurate and reliable balance that combines all of the essential weighing functions into a lightweight, compact design.

  • Capacities from 102g to 252g
  • Readability down to 0.1mg
  • C-SHS weighing technology increases performance and productivity
  • Practical built-in features such as density determination and counting
  • Durable metal construction and shatterproof, anti-static plastic breeze break are chemically resistant and easy-to-clean

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Classic Analytical Balances

Classic Analytical Balances

Solid performance ensures consistent and precise weighing results.

  • Capacities from 120g to 320g
  • Readabilities from 0.1mg to 0.01mg
  • Ordinal Electromagnetic Sensor (OES) provides the best accuracy and precision
  • Advances stabilization features and flexible interface options
  • Durable stainless steel lower-housing and chemically resistant ABS plastic top-housing

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Analytical balances, sometimes referred to as "laboratory balances", are designed to offer reliable and accurate results with a high degree of precision that requires a breeze break or enclosure to protect against drafts. Electronic analytical balances offer a range of weighing capacities from  22 - 520g. Readabilities for Standard analytical balances are 0.1mg but Advanced and Premium models offer dual range, semi-micro and even microgram performance.

A wide range of industries rely on the precision of balances to deliver reliable results from research and development and quality control labs in food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical to universities and other education institutes