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Building a Better Future in Academia, Science, and Education 

Research and Education move us in new directions, make a difference in people’s lives, and push the frontier of knowledge to shape the future. 

Each discipline has its own set of needs, but one thing remains constant: the need for reliable, quality equipment to serve as the building blocks of your work. 

A&D Weighing is proud to serve the various fields in Academia with our wide selection of products – combined with user-friendly, intuitive controls, and innovative features designed specifically with lab users in mind.    

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Tight Benchspace

Tight Benchspace

Lab space comes at a premium, and often there are multiple people working on a very small bench space. Equipment that can save on space, like the Gemini GR Analytical Balance and the Newton EJ Portable Balance, is valuable to students and staff alike.


Varying Skill Sets of Users

Different Skill Sets of Users

In your lab, there could be Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biology, and other types of students using the same equipment as tenured staff doing research. Having equipment that is adaptable – and usable by all – is key.  This includes density kits, animal weighing kits, and more.

Data Integrity is Critical

Data Integrity is Critical

A&D believes that the results you get are “More Than a Measurement”.  In other words, the weights that come from balances are used in other calculations and must be accurate because they inform the rest of your processes.  Additionally, The ability to send these measurements to a PC or integrate easily into with equipment or a printer helps ensure accurate results. We’ve even included lock-out specs so that lab students and assistants can’t change settings.

Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly

Many in Academia work on grants or a shoe-string budget.  To help maximize value and get the most out of each purchase, A&D Weighing offers many products with metal top and bottom housing to ensure a reliable and durable product.  In addition, our selection of IP65 balances are spill proof for students who are just learning their way around the lab, or for labs that deal with wet and dusty materials.


Once you’ve selected the right weighing equipment that is robust and accurate to satisfy your application’s challenging environment, you want to make sure that it also integrates easily with your workflows.  


Applications in classrooms are diverse and require weighing equipment that is adaptable and easy-to-use.  

A&D’s state-of-the art weighing equipment has intuitive controls and provides accurate measurements, perfect for experiments and teaching.

Recommended products for Education: and Galaxy HR-AZ Analytical Balances, EJ Newton Portable Balances, and Everest EW/EK Compact Balances.


Working with harsh compounds is one of the tasks that chemists are confronted with everyday. 

We provide weighing equipment that spans a large range of capacities and are manufactured with easy-to-clean materials that can withstand anything in the lab. 

Recommended products for Chemistry: Apollo GX-A/GF-A Balances, FX-iWP Precision Balances, and MPA Single Channel Electronic Pipettes.

Life Sciences

Life Science research revolves around biological molecules, often involving very small sample sizes that can be difficult to work with. 

We support your research with our wide range of balances, from analytical to semi-micro balances all the way out to micro-balances so that even your smallest samples can be weighed.

Recommended products for Life Sciences: Ion BM Balances, Apollo GX-A/GF-A Balances, and MPA Single Channel Electronic Pipettes.



How to Clean a Balance Infographic

How to Clean Your Balance in 8 Easy Steps
Keeping a balance cleaned and maintained can dramatically increase the life of your balance as well as the quality of your weighing results. 

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Improve Moisture Results Infographic

Improve Your Moisture Results
Moisture analysis is an effective and efficient way to assure the quality of your products. Get started on the basics with this simple infographical guide.

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Weighing 101

Measuring weight with accuracy and precision remains one of the most critical components in almost every business.  Learn how to mitigate external influences and user errors that can be detrimental to precise weighing.

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12 Tips for Stable Weighing Measurements

Precision weighing equipment is extremely sensitive, which means that even the slightest disturbances can significantly affect measurements. These 12 tips can help you conquer the common challenges with weighing and improve your performance.

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Why Trust A&D Weighing?

From Chemistry to Biology to Life Sciences and more, your weighing needs are important to education, research, and the science that is fueling our future.     

  • A&D is an established global company that has been a trusted provider of long-lasting and reliable measurement instrumentation for over 40 years.
  • Our intuitive controls, workflow integration, and features designed for Academia are a great fit for environments with a variety of skill levels and users.  
  • Our weighing equipment is trusted to provide accurate results in some of the biggest labs in the world. 
  • A&D offers the most exceptionally durable, easy-to-clean, and low maintenance scales on the market.
  • Our balances and weighing equipment are designed for accuracy without breaking the bank.  

Get an expert’s opinion on the right weighing equipment for your laboratory.

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