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12 Tips for Performing Stable Measurements 

Precision weighing equipment is extremely sensitive, which means that even the slightest disturbances can significantly affect measurements. These 12 tips can help you conquer the common challenges with weighing and improve your performance.



Gain Useful Information

Gain Useful Information

This guide can help you get familiar with the do’s and don’ts of installing and operating your microbalance to achieve stable measurements for any weighing application.


Temperature Variance

Be Mindful of Temperature Variation

Learn how you can monitor humidity fluctuations and maintain your laboratory’s ideal ambient temperature to ensure measurement accuracy.


Prevent Unnecessary Environmental Changes

Identify what kind of changes affect the stability of your microbalance and learn how to control environmental conditions.

Charged Objects

Avoid Errors When Weighing Charged Objects

Learn how you can handle the effects of static electricity and what container materials are best suited for specific weighing conditions.

Convection Flow

Minimize Convection Flow

Get tips on proper sample handling while performing weighing procedures inside the weighing chamber.

A&D Weighing

Improve Your Performance

Find out how you can perform stable measurements with your weighing equipment through these 12 steps.

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