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Software Downloads & Information


WinCT-FRD graph

Produces real-time graphs from flow rate data for balances with the Flow Rate Display (FRD function).


WinCT -RsCom, RsKey, RsWeight

With multiple functions, WinCT allows you to download directly to your PC in English or a variety of languages.



Enables connection of multiple A&D balances or scales.  Includes RsMulti function.


Viscosity measurement of gelatin

Enables A&D's Sine-wave Vibro Viscometer SV Series to display the progress of measurement in real time on a PC or easily transmit the measured results (data) to save or analyze.


For the FC-i/Si, HC-i, and AD-4405/06/07.  Allows instruments to communicate interactively to utilize UFC functions.

AD-1687 Setting Tool & WinCT-AD-1687

Allows the user to change internal settings and graph measurement environment data.

WinST for AD-4402

WinST is a program for reading settings such as code numbers or function settings stored in a text file on a PC from and writing the saved files to an A&D Indicator using a serial port.