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(Free Software)

WinCT-FRD can produce a graph in real-time from the flow rate data transmitted from balances with the Flow Rate Display (FRD) function.

WinCT-FRD graph

*The FRD function is currently available with GX-A/GF-A Series of multi-functional precision balances.

  • The weight and flow rate values transmitted from the balance can be simultaneously displayed on a two axis graph on the monitor.
  • You can check changes in weight and flow rate simultaneously in real time.
  • The axis scale of a graph automatically changes according to the data. It can be also changed manually.
  • The graph can be printed out using a printer or saved as an image file.
  • The recorded data can be saved in CSV or TXT format.
  • To graph both weight and flow rate, please set the application mode of the balance to Flow Measurement Mode. Refer to the GX-A/GF-A series manual for information on setting up the balance.