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(Free Software)

WinCT-Plus (Windows Communication Tools Plus LAN & Multi Rs Version) is Windows Data Communication Software for LAN Connection enabling to connect multiple A&D electronic balances/scales equipped with an RS-232C interface to a LAN port of a computer via Ethernet or directly to the COM ports on the computer for data collection.


RsMulti is a software that enables multi-data acquisition from A&D's electronic balances and scales over an Ethernet network or through an RS-232C connection.

  • Enables data acquisition from multiple weighing instruments with a single computer.
  • Ethernet network and RS-232C connection can be used simultaneously.
  • Weighing instruments can be controlled by sending commands from the computer
  • Data is transmitted to the PC by pressing the [PRINT] key on the weighing instrument.
  • Recorded data can be comprehensively formatted in Microsoft Excel.

Necessary Systems

(1) Computer

  • OS:  Microsoft Windows 2000 onwards
  • CPU:  Equivalent to Pentium class or above recommended
  • RAM:  At least 32MB recommended
  • Hard Disk:  Space of at least 50MB required
  • Display resolution:  800 × 600 or higher recommended

(2) For connection via Ethernet

  • Ethernet Hub or LAN cable (straight cable).  If Ethernet hub is not used, cross cables should be used for LAN cabling.
  • A&D balance/scale equipped with an RS-232C interface + AD-8526, or balance equipped with an OP-08

(3) For connection via RS-232C cable (ComPort)

  • A&D balance/scale equipped with an RS-232C interface
  • RS-232C cable


DeviceInstaller is required to set the IP address and other configuration information of A&D balances and scales.

Please download the latest version of DeviceInstaller (Windows 7, 32/64 bit compatible) from here.

Com Port Redirector

Com Port Redirector enables virtual serial communication from A&D balances and scales connected to an Ethernet network (Virtual COM port). With the virtual COM port connection, serial communication software such as RsCom or your original serial communication software can be used directly.

You can download the latest version of Com Port Redirector (Windows 7, 32/64 bit compatible) from here.