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Moisture Analyzer Purchasing Guide

Selection for Your Application

Not all moisture analyzers are the same.  To choose the right type of moisture analyzer, there are many factors to consider:

Identify the Right Measurement Method

Thermogravimetric, or loss on drying (LOD), measures the amount of moisture removed by evaporation, whereas Chemical Conversion is when you must use solvents, and the water in the sample must be accessible to the reagent.

Selecting Drying Profiles and Temperature Range

  • Standard Drying
  • Fast Drying
  • Step Drying
  • Ramp Drying

Preventative Maintenance and Operation

  • External calibration for the weighing sensor
  • Temperature calibration for the heating element

Interested in knowing more? Find out how you can determine the right moisture analyzer type, select the correct drying mode, and switch off criterion in our guide to moisture.

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