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Why IP Rating for Lab Equipment?

In the realm of laboratory equipment selection, the importance of considering the Ingress Protection (IP) rating is often overlooked. While industries like manufacturing, food & beverage, construction, and maritime have long recognized the significance of IP ratings in safeguarding equipment against solids and liquids, the laboratory sector has generally neglected this crucial specification.

What is in it for you?

This white paper sheds light on why the IP rating is equally relevant in laboratory environments, where lab balances may be exposed to dust, moisture, and potential spills. Explaining the IP rating system, which combines two numbers indicating protection against solids and moisture, the document emphasizes that even in laboratories, where awareness of such protection is lacking, the need for safeguarding against internal damage is paramount. The paper concludes with insights into diverse industries such as manufacturing, outdoor settings, marine applications, the food and beverage sector, and retail, illustrating the necessity of IP65 or higher-rated equipment in ensuring durability and functionality in varied environmental conditions.

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