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Selecting the Right Washdown Scale

Not all washdown scales have the same protection. Some can resist spills or humid environments, while others can withstand being washed with a high-pressure hose. When purchasing a washdown scale, be sure to not only consider the materials of the platform and indicator but IP ratings and ultimately what will work best for your application.


Gain Useful Information:

Choosing the right washdown scale will not only provide accurate weighing results but will ensure the life of your scale as well as overall performance. In this guide, you will not only be introduced to A&D Weighing's complete line-up of washdown scales but will be walked through which scale would be best for your application.

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Why Trust A&D Weighing?

From laboratory to industrial applications, ensuring accurate measurements is essential for our customers.

  • A&D is an established global company that has been a trusted provider of long-lasting and reliable measurement instrumentation for over 40 years.
  • Our intuitive controls, workflow integration, and helpful features are a great fit for environments with a variety of  skill levels and users.  
  • Our weighing equipment is trusted to provide accurate results around the world, including in hazardous, wet and dusty environments, and legal for trade applications.
  • A&D offers the most exceptionally durable, easy-to-clean, and low maintenance scales on the market.
  • Our weighing equipment is designed for accuracy without breaking the bank.  

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