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Fully manage your mass standards laboratory

  • Meterological weighing to meet ASTM Class 2-7 and OIML Class F1 and below
  • Innovative auto-centering pan avoids corner-load errors and ensures higher accuracy 
  • Extra decimal place makes it possible to monitor fine weight changes with heavy tare weights

Key Features

Large VFD Display
Internal Calibration
GLP/GMP/ISO Compliant
Data Memory Function (up to 200pts)
Auto On/Off
5 Year US Warranty



Enhanced Precision

  • Highest precision & accuracy due to Super Hybird Sensor SHS Weighing Technology
  • Enhanced stabilizing filters to mitigate environmental disturbances from draft or vibration
  • Innovative auto-centering pan design auto corrects for eccentricity (corner-load) errors by bringing mass to center
  • Extended resolution enables one to monitor weight changes in heavy objects or container weights

Adaptable to Precision Weighing in Industrial Application

  • Manage a variety of materials from Liquids, Powders, and Gases
  • Static checking-weighing sensor with wider ranges
  • Comparator function, counting and percent weighing ideal in industrial workflows

Simple Functionality

  • Highly visible VFD Display with remote display/indicator option on 100KS 
  • Standard RS-232C interface with Quick USB uni-directional (optional accessory)
  • GLP/GMP compliant with time date stamp and balance ID printouts
  • Data Memory function enable one to capture and record results
Capacity 10kg
Readability 0.001g
Repeatability 0.005g / 10kg to 5kg
Linearity ±0.03g
Calibration Internal
Stabilization Time 3s
Weighing Pan Dimensions 270 x 210mm
Product Dimensions 300 x 355 x 111mm / 11.8 x 14 x 4.4in
Product # Description
AX-MC1000PAN Auto-centering pan for MC-1000
AX-MC6100PAN Auto-centering pan for MC-10/30K
AX-MC10K-30KPAN Auto-centering pan for MC-6100
GX-02 Quick USB (Uni-Directional) cable for MC-1000/6100 
GX-04 Comparator Output: Factory installed only for MC-1000/6100
GX-06 Analog Output: Factory installed only for MC-1000/6100
GX-12 Animal Weighing Pan
GX-13 Density Determination Kit MC-1000
AD-8922A Remote Controller
GX-04K Comparator Output with buzzer/ RS232/Current loop for (10K/30K)
GX-06K Analog Output: Factory installed only for (10K/30K)
GX-07K Waterproof RS232C cable (5M) for (10K/30K)
GX-15 Carry Case for (10k/30K)
AD-1672 Table Top Breeze Break - 27x28.5x24")
AD-1682 External Rechargable Battery Pack
AD-1683 External Static Eliminator
AD-1689 Electorstatic Field Meter
AD-8121B Mulit Function Printer
SW:128 Foot Switch
KO:WW9-25 RS232C cable (25P-9P) 2m
TB:648 AC Adapter (120v/220V)
AX-USB-2920-25P USB to 25P RS232 6ft