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Replacement: Apollo GF-6001A

This item has been discontinued and replaced with the Apollo GX-A/GF-A Series

Key Features

Motorized/Auto Internal Self-Calibration
External Calibration
GLP Compliant
Auto Power On/Off Function
5 Year US Warranty



Increase Productivity

  • Super Hybrid Sensor provides fast measurements and accurate results

  • Face tough environments with “Auto Response Speeds” that minimize the effects of drafts & vibrations

  • Receive the best accuracy and precision with one-touch cal – whether it be external or automatic motorized internal calibration.

  • Auto Self Cal (ASC) makes automatic adjustments if ambient temperature changes or after time intervals pass

  • Robust Construction

  • Easy-to-clean keypad, antistatic glass, stainless steel pan & die cast aluminum housing are robust enough to be dust & splash proof

  • Easy-to-read Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD) provides clear and wide-angle visibility even in dimly–lit areas.

Data Compliance

  • GLP/GMP/ISO compliant with time/date signatures and ID numbers

  • Data Memory functions allows easy storage & export via RS232 or Quick USB with use of WinCT software communication tool
Max Capacity (gram) 6100
Readability (gram) 0.1
Repeatability (grams) 0.1g
Linearity ±0.1g
Calibration External
Stabilization Time ~ 1.0 Sec
Weighing Pan Dimensions (mm/inches) 165 x 165mm (6.50"x 6.50")
Product Dimensions (mm/inches) 210x 317 x 86mm (8.27 x 12.48 x 3.39 inches)  
Legal for Trade NA
IP  IP54 
Applications Counting with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI), Percent ,Accumulation M+,Animal, Comparator
Weighing Units  g, oz, lb, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, grain,N, pcs
Connectivity RS-232C
Product # Description
GX-02 Uni-directional USB interface with cable 
GX-04   Comparator Output with a Buzzer/RS-232C/  Current Loop Output 
GX-06 Analog Output/Current Loop Output
GX-10       Breeze Break for GX-200/400/600/800/1000 and  GF-200/300/400/600/800/1000 
GX-11       Glass Breeze Break for GX-2000/4000/6100/  6000/8000 and GF1200/2000/3000/4000/  6100/6000/8000 
GX-12     Animal weighing pan for all models except   
GX-13       Density Determination Kit for GX 200/400/600/800/  1000 and GF 200/300/400/600/800/1000
AD-8121B     Dot Matrix Compact Printer
AD-8920A        Remote Display 
AD-8920A        Remote Display 
AD-1682         Rechargeable Battery Unit  (Maximum operating time: 8  hours) 
KO:WW9/25       RS-232C Cable (25P-9P) 
SW-128       Foot Switch 
AX-073003691-S     Dust Cover for GX-200/400/600 and  GF-200/300/400/600 
AX-073003692-S      Dust Cover for GX-2000/4000/6100/   6000/8000 and GF1200/2000/3000/   4000/6100/6000/8000