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Don't get stuck in conventional methods - explore proven alternatives

  • Breakthrough tuning fork Vibro Rheometer Technology for Newtonian & non-Newtonian fluids
  • Easy setup, self-calibration, and quick measurements
  • Versatile and flexible to meet challenging variables

Key Features

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
2 Year US Warranty



Flexible and Versatile

  • Quick measurements in only 20 seconds
  • Easy self calibration by the user
  • The sensor plates are easy to clean
  • Large LCD Display with 7-inch, color touch-panel (RV-A)
  • Can automatically change the amplitude of the sensor plates, and take data as programmed by the user (RV-A)
  • High accuracy of 1% of the measurement value

Superior Control

  • Displays graphs of measurement data in real time
  • Changes in the viscosity are shown as a function of temperature, time, and/or shear rate
  • Low thermal capacity of the sensor plates
  • Simultaneous measurement of temperature and viscosity
  • Adjustable vibration amplitude to allow changing the shear rate
  • Measurement of liquids in motion
Range 0.07 to 1.2mm
Units mPa.s, Pa.s, cP, P
Repeatability 1% of the measured value (standard deviation)
Accuracy ±3% (1 to 1000mPa.s) when the amplitude is set to 0.4mm
Method  Tuning fork vibro method (natural frequency at 30Hz)
Minimum Sample Amount 10ml
Product Dimensions Main Unit: 112 x 132 x 291mm / 4.4 x 5.2 x 11.2in
Display Unit: 238 x 132 x 170mm / 9.3 x 5.2 x 6.7in
Weight 0.8kg / 1.7 lbs
1.3kg / 2.8lbs
Product # Description
AX-SV-33 Sample cup, 35-45ml, polycarbonate (pack of 10)
AX-SV-34 Small sample cup, 10ml, with cover, polycarbonate (pack of 10)
AX-SV-35 Sample cup, 13ml, Glass
AX-SV-36 Positioning stopper
AX-SV-37 Water jacket (1 water jacket, 4 × 10ml-cups with cover)
AX-SV-38 Storage container, 60ml, glass (pack of 10)
AX-SV-39 Storage container, 120ml, plastic (pack of 20)
AX-SV-42 Analog voltage output (0-1V)
AX-SV-43 Extension cable (5m) between the main unit and the display
AX-SV-56* Tube holders for 2ml cups, polycarbonate
AX-SV-56* (5pc: 2 transparent, 3 black)
AX-SV-57* Rack stands for 2ml tubes (2 pcs)
AX-SV-58* Sample tube, 2ml with lid, polycarbonate (pack of 100)
AX-SV-59* Rack stand and 5 glass sample-cups (2ml)
  *only for SV-1A