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A Simple Pipette Accuracy Test That Saves Time & Money

  • A complete test & reporting system for pipette accuracy 
  • Based on the gravimetric method and is ISO 8655 compliant. 
  • An advance analytical or precision weighing system with extensive reporting WinCT-Pipette software

Key Features

5 Year US Warranty



ISO8655 Compliance

  • Three different models to cover the entire standard gravimetric methods and their permissible weighing errors (random & systematic) and minimum weight values range

Smart Software That Has You Covered

  • Easy to use WinCT-Pipette software walk you through step by step the setting specification, measured values, measured results, testing environment
  • Full printable report for recording purposes, and test results can be output to a printer or A4 or letter-size report format.

Superior Weighing Module

  • Highest precision & accuracy due to Compact Super Hybrid Sensor (C-SHS) technology
  • C-SHS protects & stabilizes against vertical and transverse overload, vibration & drafts influences
  • Fast stabilization time to increase your efficiency when testing multiple pipettes in your multi-laboratory facilities or meteorological labs
Capacity 31g / 110g
Readability 0.01mg / 0.1mg
Repeatability 0.05mg / 0.1mg
Linearity ±0.05mg / ±0.2mg
Calibration External
Minimum Weight USP 0.1mg / 0.01mg / 1μg
Stabilization Time 4.0s / 2.5s
Weighing Pan Dimensions Ø34mm / 1.33in
Product Dimensions 80 × 230 × 90mm / 3. 1 x 9.0 x 3.5in
Breeze Break Stainless Steel
Software WinCT-Pipette
Carrying Case 470 x 150 x 355mm
Connectivity RS-232C, Ethernet/LAN
Product # Description
BM-14 Pipette Accuracy Testing Kit