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Phoenix GH Series Balances

Reliable performance to fit your classic workflow needs

  • Ordinal Electromagnetic Sensor (OES) weighing technology provides the best accuracy & precision
  • Wider range of capacities and readability (0.01 to 0.1mg)
  • Advanced stabilization features and flexible data interface options

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Key Features

Liquid Crystal Display
Full Digital Calibration
Data Memory Function
Auto On Function
Underhook for Below Weighing
5 Year US Warranty
RS-232C Bi-Directional
Automatic Counting with ACAI



High Performance

  • OES technology offers high performance and a wider range of models with reliable accuracy & precision
  • Adjustable environmental (manual or automatic) response characteristics to help cope with the effect of drafts and vibrations
  • Automatic self calibration to maintain accuracy under temperature changes

Increase Productivity

  • Save time with one-touch Full Digital Calibration FDC (Internal or External). Makes calibration simple to perform within seconds
  • Easy to clean and operate with anti-static glass breeze break and stainless steel pan, spill proof ring and base plate
  • Advance stabilization bandwidth allows for fast response times

Flexible Capabilities

  • Auto power on ensures ready-to-use and optimal performance every time, reducing warm up/wait time
  • Balance ID and Clock/Calendar function allows for time & date stamps and GLP reports
  • Data memory plus the ability to export through bidirectional RS-232C or optional USB, Bluetooth & Ethernet

Internal Calibration Mass with Rear-Mount Motor Drive Assembly and Anti-Static Glass

Phoenix GH Features

Model Comparison
Model Capacity Readability Calibration
GH-202 51g / 220g 0.1mg / 0.01mg Internal 
GH-252 101g / 250g 0.1mg /0.01mg
GH-120 120g 0.1g
GH-200 220g 0.1g
GH-300 300g 0.1g


See model for full list of specifications.