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Single Channel Electronic Pipettes Greater Ease - Higher Precision

  • Perfect fit & feel with the lightweight ergonomic design 
  • Electronic technology assures reliable, uniform results every time 
  • User friendly with built-in calibration functions, pipette modes, & various tip compatibility



Better Precision Over Manual

  • Automatic operation assures accuracy for everyone at all times while minimizing operator/volume settings errors
  • The high precision stepping motor ensures uniform consistent aspiration/dispensing
  • Be confident with easy calibration (adjustment) by yourself – user CAL function

Perfect Ergonomic Fit & Feel

  • Lightweight like a manual, our electronic has a low center of gravity making it easy to hold for hours
  • Prevent repeatative strain injury with our ergo friendly forefinger "trigger-like" plunger
  • Comfortable relaxed cradle due to the perfectly balance fingerhook which helps to reduce stress to have a pain-free workflow all day long 
  • Flexible aspirating/dispensing speeds adjustable to 5 level
  • Adjustable tip ejector that is color coded for quick volume/tip identification

Flexible Operations

  • Pick from a variety of modes: Mixing Mode for homoginizing, Reverse pipetting for viscous samples, Multiple dispensing (MD) mode for microplates
  • Calibration & display can be view a unit of volume (µL) and weight (mg) ideal for pipetting calibration on with a balance
  • Impact-absorbing pads prevents damage due to falls
  • Quickly detachable lower body allows for easy autoclave cleaning to reduces risk of contamination 
  • Battery and Charging Options - 1,800 pipettings guaranteed on a full charge & you can pipette while charging the battery at the same time via USB connection

WARNING - Click to read more about Proposition 65.

Capacity 100 to 1200μL
Resolution 1.0μL
Repeatability (CV) 0.6/0.15% (100/1200μL)
Accuracy 2.5/0.6%
Channel Single 
Electronic/Manual Electronic
Product Dimensions (Length) 280mm / 11in
Weight 170g / 0.37lbs
Battery Lithium-ion battery 3.7V / 920 mAh 
Product # Description
AX-BOX200A Tip box for the MPA-10/20/200*3
AX-BOX1200A Tip box for the MPA-1200*3
AX-BOX200B Tip box for the MPA-10/20/200 (without lid)*3
AX-BOX1200B Tip box for the MPA-1200 (without lid)*3
AX-CART-10/20 Tip cartridge for the MPA-10/20 (10 trays)*4
AX-CART-200 Tip cartridge for the MPA-200 (10 trays)*4
AX-CART-1200 Tip cartridge for the MPA-1200 (10 trays)*4
AX-BULK-10ML-A Tip box for the MPA-10000 (250 pcs)
AX-BOXT-10ML-A Tip box for the MPA-10000 (36 pcs)
AX-BOXT-10ML-AS Tip box for the MPA-10000 (36 pcs sterilized)
AX-ST-SUS Stainless steel stand (for up to three MPAs)
AX-ST-ACR Acrylic stand (for up to two MPAs)
AX-HA-CHG Charging hanger
AX-ST-CH-A1 Charging stand for single MPA
AX-ST-CH-M4 Charging stand for four MPAs
AX-BAT-MPA Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
AX-LOW-10 Lower part assembly for the MPA-10
AX-LOW-20 Lower part assembly for the MPA-20
AX-LOW-200 Lower part assembly for the MPA-200
AX-LOW-1200 Lower part assembly for the MPA-1200
AX-LOW-10000 Lower part assembly for the MPA-10000
AX-HOLDER-SET Sample cup holder set
AX-PAD-MPA Pipette elbow cushion