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GX-K/GF-K Series Balances (Discontinued)

  • Superior response speeds and minimial maintenance costs
  • Patented SHS weighing technology for high speed & accurate results
  • Robust design with washdown IP65
  • Diverse selection of Internal (GX) & External (GF) cal model with a broad range of capacities & resolutions

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Key Features

SHS Weighing Technology
Dust & Waterproof
Internal Cal (Motorized/Auto Self Cal)
External Calibration
GLP Compliant
RS-232C Interface
5 Year US Warranty
Quick USB Interface (Optional)



Increase Productivity

  • Super Hybrid Sensor provides fast measurements and accurate results
  • Face tough environments with “Auto Response Speeds” that minimize the effects of drafts & vibrations
  • Receive the best accuracy and precision with one-touch cal – whether it be external or automatic motorized internal calibration.
  • Auto Self Cal (ASC) makes automatic adjustments if ambient temperature changes

Robust Construction

  • Easy-to-clean keypad, antistatic glass, stainless steel pan & die cast aluminum housing are robust enough to be dust & splashproof
  • Easy-to-read Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD) provides clear and wide-angle visibility even in dimly–lit areas.

Data Compliance

  • GLP/GMP/ISO compliant with time/date signatures and ID numbers
  • Data Memory functions allows easy storage & export via RS232 or Quick USB with use of WinCT software communication tool
Model Comparison
Model Capacity Readability Calibration IP Rating
GX-K Series
GX-8K2 8.1kg / 2.1kg 0.1g / 0.01g Internal  IP65
GX-8K 8.1kg 0.01g Internal  IP65
GX-10K 10.1kg 0.01g Internal  IP65
GX-12K 12kg 0.1g Internal  IP65
GX-20K 21kg 0.1g Internal  IP65
GX-30K 31kg 0.1g Internal  IP65
GX-32K 31kg / 6.1kg 1g / 0.1g Internal  IP65
GF-K Series
GF-8K2 8.1kg / 2.1kg 0.1g / 0.01g External IP65
GF-8K 8.1kg / 2.1kg 0.01g External IP65
GF-10K 10.1lg 0.01g External IP65
GF-12K 12kg 0.1g External IP65
GF-20K 21kg 0.1g External IP65
GF-30K 31kg 0.1g External IP65
GF-32K 31kg / 6.1kg g / 0.1g External IP65


See model for full list of specifications.