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GP-30KSN Class II NTEP High Capacity Precision Balance, 31 kg x 0.1 g with Internal Calibration

The most versatile high capacity industrial kg balance

  • Double leveraged SHS weighing technology enhances performance accuracy up to 101kg capacity

  • Versatile swing arm & detachable display make it ideal for benchtops & floor settings alike

  • IP65 /NEMA4 compliant makes it resistant to dust and water
  • NEW NTEP Class II Legal for Trade models

Download Standard Brochure

Download NTEP Brochure

Key Features

Large VFD Screen
Full Digital Calibration
GLP/GMP/ISO Compliant
Data Memory Function (up to 200pts)
5 Year US Warranty
Animal Weighing Mode
Comparator Function
Automatic Counting with ACAI
Percentage Function
Dust & Waterproof
Standard RS-232C Bi-Directional
Accumulation of Weighing Results
Auto Power On/Off
Optional Underhook
Time & Date Function



Legal for Trade

  • GP-30KSN is Class II NTEP approved for indirect sales in the United States 

Flexible & Adaptable Design

  • GP-S detachable display adapts to your work-flow and weighing environment that require separate display from platform
  • Capacity load indicator allows one to see how much capacity is in use while also preventing overload error and damage

User Friendly Features

  • One-touch auto calibration ensures simple on-demand calibration 
  • Automatic Self Calibration smartly calibrates itself if ambient temperature changes are detected
  • Large visible VFD display is easy to see in dark spaces and allows for wide angle views preventing reading errors

Reliable Workhorse

  • Meet all your application demands with Comparator (HI, OK, LOW), Percent, Counting with ACAI, Animal Weighing modes
  • Robust construction and easy to clean stainless steel materials is rated for IP65 dust & water spill protection
  • Rugged double leveraged SHS weighing technology with motor driven internal calibration ensures maximum performance day-in & day-out

Industrial Balance with Performance and Accuracy

The GP Series incorporates our enhanced weighing sensor, the Double Leveraged Super Hybrid Sensor(SHS). 

Building on the basic SHS features of speed and stabilization, our enhanced SHS technology brings the most accurate weighing results to industrial balances in the 12kg to 101kg capacities class.

Saves Time and Money with Internal Calibration

The GP internal calibration with an internal mass saves time and money. External calibration requires a great deal of skill, time and an expensive external mass. With our internal calibration with internal mass, the balance is calibrated very quickly.

  • Automatic Self Calibration — Self-calibrates automatically when the balance detects ambient temperature changes.
  • One Touch Automatic Calibration — Allows you to calibrate the balance on demand with just the push of a button.

Prevent Mistakes with Large, Clear VFD

  • Wide angle view is easy to see from anywhere in the room
  • Easy to see, even in the dark - bright light with high contrast
  • Fewer errors due to hard to read screens
Capacity 31kg
Readability 0.1g
Repeatability 0.5g
Linearity ±0.2g
Calibration Internal
Stabilization Time ~1.5s (FAST mode)
Weighing Pan Dimensions 384 x 344mm / 15.1 x 13.5in
Product Dimensions 344 x 442 x 130mm /13.5 x 17.3 x 5.1in
IP Rating IP65
Product Description
GP-04 Comparator Output (Relay with Buzzer) / RS-232C / Current Loop
GP-06 Analog/Current Loop Output
GP-07 5-meter Connection Cable (factory option)
GP-12 Animal Weighing Pan (288 x 360 x317mm)
GP-20 Underhook
GP-22 AD-8121B Printer Support
AX-KO1710-200 RS-232C Cable (25P-9P)
AX-SW-128 Foot Switch