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Data Logger

Reliable and Convenient Data Collection

  • Collect data even without connecting to a PC or Printer
  • Plug and Play for quick and easy set-up 
  • Compact and lightweight and can be useful when a PC or printer cannot be placed nearby
  • Efficient use of workspace with the ability to collect data from multiple pieces of weighing equipment at different locations
  • Dual interface to easily import weighing data from A&D Weighing Equipment to a PC via USB
  • Large memory of 5,000 weighing datasets can be stored
  • Internal clock to save the date and time 
  • Compact and portable with no need for additional batteries
  • USB and RS-232 cables are standard

Compatible Devices

Category Product Operation RS-232C
Balance AD-4212A/AD-4212B OK 25 pins
AD-4212C A gender changer is required. 9 pins  
EJ EJ-03 (RS-232C interface option) is required. 9 pins  
EK-i/EW-i OK 9 pins  
FZ-i(WP)/FX-i(WP) OK 9 pins  
GH OK 9 pins  
GP OK 25 pins  
GR OK 25 pins  
GX/GF OK 25 pins  
GX-A(E/WP)/GF-A(WP) OK 9 pins  
GX-K/GF-K OK 25 pins  
GX-M/GF-M OK 9 pins  
HR-i OK 9 pins  
Moisture Analyzer MS/MX/MF/ML OK 25 pins
Viscometer SV OK 25 pins
Counting Scale HC-i OK DIN
HD OK 25 pins  
FC-i/FC-Si OK 9 pins  
GC OK 9 pins  
Platform Scale FS-i A dedicated cable is required. 9 pins
FG-M/L Only when used with AC adapter DIN  
HW-C/HW-CP OK 9 pins  
HW-CWP A dedicated cable is required. 9 pins  
SC/SE A dedicated cable is required. 9 pins  
SW A dedicated cable is required. 9 pins  
Weighing Indicator AD-4402 OK 25 pins
AD-4405A OK 9 pins  
AD-4406A OK 9 pins  
AD-4410 OK 9 pins  
 *Operation with devices made by manufacturers other than A&D is not guaranteed.