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3 Piece Screw-knob CAL-PAL Calibration Weight Kit (200 g, 20 g, 2 g ) with Certification, Class I, Type II, Stainless Steel Polished


Calibration weights for manufacturing and laboratory weighing equipment. To maintain your weighing device accuracy and for Legal for Trade applications, it is important to use a reliable and certified test weight.

  • Calibration Class I and II balance in accordance to Handbook 44
  • Suitable for student laboratory use, rough weighing operations
  • Tolerance testing and verification checks
  • Calibration shift test & calibration adjustment
  • Sensitivity testing

Selecting Calibration Weight Sets

Available in 3 Piece Essential Sets and 5-2-2-1 Configurations

It is important to select the correct test weights, A&D offers wide selection of quality test weights for various applications.

Material & Features

  • Stainless steel polished finished
  • Meets ASTM E617-18
  • USP-41 compliant
  • Nominal value marked on weight
  • Serial Number applied to case
  • Density 7.95g/cm3

Styles Available:

  • Type I design (one piece) for Class 0
  • Type II design (screw-knob) for Class I-4 with sealing cavity for adjustment of material