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BA-225DTE Dual Range Semi-Microbalance, 51 g x 0.01 mg / 220 g x 0.1 mg with Touch Screen Display, Automatic Doors and Internal Calibration

  • 5" color touch screen display makes operation a breeze
  • Auto-Self Internal Calibration feature to adjust for temperature variations, ensuring consistent results
  • Standard external ionizer helps to eliminate errors due to static electricity
  • Automatic doors controlled by IR sensors allow for smooth and efficient access to the weighing chamber
  • Industry leading 5-year A&D warranty 

Key Features

5 Year Warranty
Internal Cal
Standard USB, RS232, Ethernet and Bluetooth

Sophisticated Weighing at a Touch


Ease of Use 

With a 5-inch wide color touch screen, the BA-T series brings maximum operability, enhanced functionality and a broader range of solutions. All models come standard with an external ionizer for quick and easy elimination of static.

The side doors of the breeze break can be opened/closed using the non-contact IR sensors on the display unit (or optional foot switches) for smooth, efficient access to the weighing chamber. For the actuator, A&D adopt a pump and air cylinder mechanism, which is much more quiet and durable than conventional motor actuators.

Detachable breeze break unit allows for fast and simple cleaning

The touch screen provides a visual instruction on which leveling foot (feet) to rotate in which direction(s) depending on the position of the air bubble on the level indicator.

Guaranteed Precision

The balance can be set to calibrate and adjust its sensitivity automatically using its internal weight to ensure consistent measurements even in changing environments 

With the internal repeatability test, It is also possible to have the balance test and calculate the standard deviation using its internal weight to quickly assess the performance under a given environment.

With the standard external ionizer, you can easily ensure that your sample (and container) is completely free from destabilizing static electricity. In addition, the glass panes of the breeze break are coated to block outside static electricity.

All BA-T balances can perform daily or periodic diagnostic checks to confirm leveling, environmental conditions and accuracy.

Data Protection

Users can be classified into four levels to protect against unauthorized changes and up to 100 users can be registered (including the administrator).

The BA-T can display/save up to 1,000 events such as log-in/log-out history, changes to settings and sensitivity adjustment history.  Once full, it can save to a USB drive to display in CSV format.

Max Capacity 51 g / 220 g
Readability 0.01 mg / 0.1 
Repeatability 0.025 mg (for 50 g), 0.1 mg (for 200 g)
Linearity ± 0.2
Calibration Internal - Auto Self Calibration
Stabilization Time Approx. 10 s
Weighing Pan Dimensions Ø 85 mm / 3.35 in 
Weighing Unit + Draft Shield  173 (W) × 305 (D) × 284 (H) mm
Net Weight 6.7 kg
Product # Description
AD-1682 Rechargable Battery
AD-8920A Universal Remote Display
AD-1192 Compact Printer
AD-1684 Electrostatic Field Meter
AD-8121B Multifunctional Printer
AD-1653 Density Determination Kit
AX-BM-NEEDLESET Electrode Untis
AX-USB-2920-9P Serial to USB Converter
AX-BM-031 In-Use Display Cover
KO:WW9/9 RS-232C (9p to 9p)
AD-1672 Tabletop Breeze Hood
AD-1689 Tweezer for Calibration 5pk
AD-8922A Remote Controller
TB:248 AC Adapter
AD-1671 Anti-Vibration Tables
AD-1676 External Draft Enclosure


Simple Cleaning 

Easy Elimination of Static 

Setting the Automatic Doors 

Unpacking and Repacking