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Weighing Environment Analyzer

Manage Weighing Quality and Performance

  • Easy operation by following step-by-step guidance on a color touchscreen
  • Daily balance check to confirm that the balance meets proper conditions for use
  • Periodic balance check including tests for repeatability, accuracy/linearity and eccentricity error
  • Quick glossary for periodic check items
  •  Minimum weight calculation according to the United Sates Pharmacopeia (USP) standard
  •  Uncertainty calculation of balance calibration based on seven uncertainty components
  •  Documentation of daily/periodic check results by either outputting to a printer or saving in a USB flash drive in PDF report formats
  •  Documentation of calibration results (with expanded uncertainty) by saving in a USB flash drive in PDF report format
  •  Assessment of measurement environment using AND-MEET*1 with the BM series
  •  Remote balance display and control
  •  Date and time setting
  •  Adjustable LCD brightness
  •  Stand attachment and touch pen with holder to make operation easier
  •  Two USB*2 and three RS-232C interfaces
  •  Three kinds of RS-232C cables as standard


*1 A&D Measurement Environment Evaluation Tool
*2 Cannot be used at the same time