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A&D Weighing Launches New Product Lines that Answer the Industry Query: Can Load Cells Replace the Electromagnetic Method of Precision Balances?

November 15, 2017

For businesses looking to invest in balances, A&D Weighing recently announced its new larger-capacity, load cell-based EJ series provides the same levels of affordability, precision and functionality previously found only in balances using a high-sensitivity electromagnetic weight sensor.

In 2014, the company launched its first 1-mg balances that employed a load cell as the weight sensor, the EJ-123 and EJ-303. They recently added two new 10-mg models with larger capacities, EJ-1202 and EJ-3002, to round out the series of compact precision balances. The high resolutions achieved with these balances (1/120,000 to 1/310,000) were previously only realized by electromagnetic force restoration (EFR), the method most commonly adopted for laboratory balances – including microbalances. 

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