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A&D Takes Weighing Precision to New Heights with A&D Apollo

New analytical models have just landed! Providing unique innovations: smart draft shield design, impact shock detection (ISD), electronically controlled load (ECL), and flow rate display (FRD)

SAN JOSE, Calif. – October 22, 2019 -  A&D Weighing announced today the availability of A&D Apollo Analytical. It’s the newest member of the A&D Apollo family of balances. The GX-A/GF-A analytical models are an expansion of this series. The new ranges include 120, 220 & 320g capacities with 0.1mg resolution. Four key innovations provide ideal weighing results – even under the most challenging lab settings.

Enabled by the company’s Smart Super Hybrid Sensor

(Smart SHS® ) technology, the four new innovative features from A&D include: Smart draft shield design, Impact Shock Detection (ISD), Electronically Controlled Load (ECL) and Flow Rate Display (FRD).


These innovations address challenging laboratory environments and will help users gain precision and protection when weighing materials in high-risk environments.


“In keeping with A&D’s commitment to innovation, the new combination of features in our A&D Apollo series enhances accuracy & precision management, instills trust with protection and compliance features, while reducing weighing workflow inefficiencies, lowering overall costs,” said Jennifer Block Sr. Product Manager - Americas.

Smart Draft Shield Design: Engineering took a special approach when designing the A&D Apollo analytical draft shields taking into consideration the challenges and interferences scientists’ face daily in weighing applications. Especially when it comes to drifting, static interference, cross contamination, and over-tasked hands. A&D Apollo now has AE models that offer a unique built-in fan-less ionizer to mitigate and eliminate static interferences. The “Quick Ion” technology helps to eliminate static at twice the speed of the conventional ionizer in the market and come standard at no additional cost.  This out-of-box solution

is commonly found for difficult sample types: such as powders, paper & filter applications, dry climates. In addition, reducing difficulties of over-tasked hands was important in the design. The external touchless IR sensor offers a hands-free solution to turn on ionizer for a more productive and seamless weighing workflows. Additionally, the draft shields on all models have a “click & lift” tab that fully detaches allowing for quick and easy access when disinfecting or wipe down of the stainless-steel components. Ultimately, this easy access and materials helps to reduce secondary contamination. The draft shield engineering does not stop there, the anti-static glass is fully removable and replaceable reducing downtime and repair costs. Finally, the draft shield comes standard with collapsible doors which makes it ideal for tight spaces and ideal for crowded lab benches.


Electronically Controlled Load (ECL): The A&D Apollo series features a patent-pending ECL technology that allows the user to perform a diagnostic check (Dia-check) and repeatability test without the need for the external test weight. At the touch of a button and in under two minutes, users gain a daily precision verification test or Auto Precision Assessment. A&D Apollo can also determine a standard deviation, calculate the minimum sample weight with QuickMin-S, and monitor and alert user for compliance with Min-S-Alert both allow users and service technicians to ensure operations are USP41 compliant.


Impact Shock Detection (ISD)

The patented ISD function from A&D Weighing on the A&D Apollo series displays the magnitude of impact shocks to the weight sensor at four levels, with audible notification for higher levels of impact which should be avoided, a function called Impact-Alert. The ISD feature also documents impacts via the Shock-log that records time, date, shock level, and operator ID, making quality control easier to pinpoint.


Flow Rate Display (FRD)

To avoid irregularity that can arise in traditional filling and dosing applications, the A&D Apollo series features an FRD function. The FR-Calc function calculates and displays the mass or volume flow rates to close the “time-clock disparity” found with traditional PC methods.


Premiered ECL at Pittcon 2018, where the A&D Apollo series won the Outstanding New Product award (Kardux Cup) at the 2018 ISWM conference and expo.