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HT-CL Series Scales

  • Stop under-packing or over-packing 
  • Traffic-light style comparator 
  • Complete with AC adapter and storage case
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Key Features

LCD Screen
Comparator Function
External Calibration
Auto Power Off
Battery Level Indicator
2 Year US Warranty


Increase Profits with the Comparator

  • Multi-colored LED lights for quick and unmistakable comparator judgments
  • Negative values allowed for comparator limits for checking weights that are taken out from (instead of added to) a master container*

*The display needs to be set to zero before each measurement

4 Models

Precise, Handy & Economical - with Practical Features

  • Auto Power Off function helps to extend battery life
  • Security slot in the rear of the scale to accommodate an anti-theft lock
  • Key lock function to prevent operators from making changes to the scale settings
  • Includes a stackable case and three color bars (red, green, and orange) for sorting scales according to the purpose, owner, point of use, etc.

WARNING - Click to read more about Proposition 65.

Model Comparison
  g oz lb-oz Newton
Model Capacity Readability Capacity Readability Capacity Readability Capacity Readability
HT-300CL 310g 0.1g 10.9oz 0.01oz - - 3.04N 0.01N
HT-500CL 510g 0.1g 17.9oz 0.01oz 1.1lb-oz 0.01lb-oz 5N 0.01N
HT-3000CL 3100g 1g 109oz 0.1oz 6.8lb-oz 0.1lb-oz 30.4N 0.01N
HT-5000CL 5100g 1g 179oz 0.1oz 11lb-oz 0.1lb-oz 50N 0.01N


See model for full specifications.